My life will never be the same

September 16, 2015 my life, as I had known it for some 48 years, changed forever. My life’s passion has always been history. I loved history so much that I wanted to teach it to other people (teenagers to be exact). The 2015-16 school year marked the first time in many years I would be teaching history all day and I was beyond excited. Four weeks into school, the day before the big Homecoming game, as I was teaching my 3rd hour class about industrialization when my right cheek went numb and I felt a general weakness all over. I gave the class some work and sat down at my desk.
I reluctantly sent one of my seniors to the office to tell them I needed to go home because I felt like I was having an episode of vertigo or Bells Palsy (both of which I had had before). I drove myself 18 miles home and went to the doctor. After some sensory tests. he agreed it was probably Bells Palsy and gave me a slew of medication, but also said if I wanted to be safe, I should go to the ER. I chose not to take that piece of advice. I made it through the night with few problems and had no plans of going to work on Friday. I had no idea how my life was about to change. UP NEXT: My first ambulance ride.